Conquer Kings

Progress Update 3

Hello everyone,

Today I spent most of my development time working on the menu modals (popups). I was able to setup the modal system which creates a popup menu. This menu can be populated with the data from each different type of menu and tab. Additionally, I fully setup the design for the “Places” menu and it’s three tabs as well as the “Lord” menu tab. I will work on getting the other menu tabs done, then will work on connecting these modal menus to the server. I believe the modal menu system will take me about a week or two to fully complete. After that is done, I’ll develop the chat system, then the build queue system. It was a simple, yet very time-consuming update today. I hope you enjoy it!


November 11, 2020
Most excellent!!! Well done, Felix!
November 11, 2020
Thank you! It's coming along nicely.
November 23, 2023
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