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Hello everyone! We have recently released a Patreon page to raise money for the development of Conquer Kings! Right now there are limited benefits we are able to add, but there’s some. Any contributions would help greatly! Please see below for the details.



Tier 1 ($5)

  • Forum Title [Recruit]
  • Discord Rank [Patreon-Recruit]
Tier 2 ($10)
  • Forum Title [Novice]
  • Discord Rank [Patreon-Novice]
  • In-Game Chat Badge (Bronze)
  • In-Game Title [Novice]
  • Patron-only voting power (Access to Patreon only polls in Discord)

Tier 3 ($20)

  • Forum Title [Legend]
  • Discord Rank [Patreon-Legend]
  • In-Game Chat Badge (Silver)
  • In-Game Title [Legend]
  • Game Pre-Registration [Name/Faction] (You will get a registration key and will be able to pre-register your name and faction to reserve your name)
  • In-Game Credit (25%) (Every month you are a Patreon, you will earn a 25% credit towards the in-game store. For example, $20/month would earn you $5 towards the in-game store once that deploys)


January 8, 2022
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November 23, 2023
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