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    Username: themyth™
    Played pocket Empires (yes/no): Yes
    Pocket Empires Username:Thewarriorpoet, heartbreakkid,Themyth™
    Server Name:glory,freedom,legacy, revolution
    Some other information about you:I started glory on the same time kt v bds issue started and entire kt shifted to phoenix, I was mainly a farmer on glory though, part of one of the most annoying recruitment alliance “The void”🤪🤪 never broke a stronghold there.
    I played multiple servers, been part of some top alliances and played with great players like mikecvtown, Godzilla, kritter and many more, had been given honor of being in the command structure of #1 dragon alliance of almost every server I played, But I changed name frequently so I don’t know which one I used on which server but I retired as the Myth, commander of the top dragon alliance on legacy server, I am really looking forward to it’s revival and meet old friends
    Fun fact: I was a dragon on every server I played but my alt was welcomed on all top phoenix alliance. 👼👼

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    Welcome to the forums! I was playing about the same time as you it sounds like! I too was a Dragon player, but I will be moving to Phoenix this go-around (however, I will be playing on both). It sounds like you had a pretty good amount of success in PE. Hopefully, that will carry over to Conquer Kings! I look forward to meeting you in-game!

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    sure, will meat in pe. After all dragons have to beat phoenix here too 😛 😛
    I Wasnt a superstar but yes i surely had some good friends and enjoyed some pretty amazing and fun battles with phoenix friends 🙂

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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