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    [Note – This suggestion is a continuation from the Rookie Server suggestion described in another thread:

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      1) Main Server Season Ends, WZ Resets:

    The Main Server’s Warzone resets every 3 months, the winning faction at that point is declared the winner of that season with honourable mentions of players/alliances who reached certain goals, topped certain leaderboards. Faction leaderboard stored on a table somewhere with records of dates and server wins, individual/alliance accolades.

    All accounts are compensated with gems depending on their WZ activity. Accounts do not have stats or troops deleted, the only thing that is reset is the Warzone, though perhaps Honour Points should also be wiped each season.

    Conditions for WZ Resets:
    – All accounts keep their troops and stats.
    – All accounts compensated with gems for health spent on PvP attacks (not farming) during that season. Accounts receive 52.5 gems per conquer, 21 gems per raid, 10.5 gems per spy mission sent.
    – All Warzone forts are reset to Evil King.
    – All players troops will be sent to their starting city.
    – Homeland forts are *not* reset (allows players to cook troops in forts betwen seasons unaffected by WZ resets).
    – Any major changes to the game can be announced towards the end of one season and implemented for the following season.

    Ideas for Individual/Alliance Accolades to save between seasons:
    – Top 10 ranked by WZP
    – Top 10 ranked by Forts
    – Top 10 ranked by lv20 NCs held
    – Top 10 ranked by Stronghold conquers
    – Top 10 ranked by WZP
    – Top 10 ranked by Honour
    – Top 10 ranked by Stronghold conquers
    – Top 10 ranked by total number of opposing troops killed (possible?)
    – Top 10 ranked by total number of revives cost to opponents (possible?)

    After a season has officially ended and winners have been declared, there could be a cooldown period (1 day? 3 days? 1 week?) where players can chill out and prepare for the next season. The Warzone will have been reset with no PvP occuring there, although bored players can still fight eachother in their Homeland if they wish. Players will be able at this point, and this point only, to change factions. The Recruitment Chat section will now contain an option to speak directly to players on the Rookie Server, as Main Server players will now look to recruit players who will soon be joining from there as we progress to the new server, hopefully with a lot of new faces. Any new changes to the game will be announced clearly, giving players time to read up and adjust to it before it is implemented in the next season.

      2) Rookie Season Ends:

    Coinciding with the WZ Reset, the Rookie server ends and certain Rookies will be given the chance to join the main server. The conditions for moving to the Main Server are:
    – A Rookie account is at least 1 month old, and
    – A Rookie account has completed all Rookie Milestones/Quests/Tutorials.

    A new Rookie Server will start for new players who started the game after the resets/merge, or for Rookie Server player accounts who did not qualify to, or choose not to, join the Main Server.

      3) Rookies Emerge:

    Rookies joining the Main Server will start the next season with a starter pack determined by how long they were on the Rookie Server, plus some (50k?) gems.
    – Rookie accounts will be given 11.5 million troops per day they were on the Rookie Server
    – The minimum age for a Rookie account joining the Main Server is 30 days, so they will receive a starter pack of (30*11.5) 345 mil troops.
    – The maximum age of a Rookie account joining the Main Server will be 90 days, so they will receive a starter pack of (90*11.5) 1,035 mil troops.

      4) Main Server New Season Begins:

    All players start with their troops moved to their starting city. Old Main Server accounts will have the same troops, gems and stats they ended the previous season with, plus the determined compensation gems; Rookies start with their starter packs. Any new changes to the game will have been implemented for the start of this new season.

    The winning faction will have had time to celebrate their victory; the losing faction will have had time to lick their wounds; the Warzone has been reset to Evil King and both factions can now begin their new war for the next 3 months as Rookies become battle-hardened vets and the cycle starts again.

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    Additionally, another idea that ties into this and may be worth considering could be some sort of “revive amnesty”. This would happen during a server reset and involve scanning all players’ reports, tallying up any gems spent on revives, and returning (at least a fraction of) those gems at the start of the next season.

    If this was feasible, it could solve one of the major player retention issues in the game: players, especially new players, getting shredded to oblivion and quitting over it. With this idea, shredding would be a serious – ***but not permanent*** – setback for players that would affect them only during the season they were shredded. Both the shredder and the shredded would get back the gems they lost, but the shredder and their faction would have benefited from heavily weakening their opponent during that season.

    Shredding would remain an extremely important aspect of PvP and a key tactic in wars of gem attrition, helping weaken opponents and aid your faction’s efforts during the rest of that season.

    This idea could help to strike a balance between giving players the ability to effectively damage their opponents, whilst not causing so much damage as to hurt the game in the long run.

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