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    [This is a suggestion building on ideas put forward by Quest, Pink Panther and Smokey on the Conquer Kings Discord server.]


    The Rookie Server would be a scaled-down server where new players start the game. Accounts on this server are given tasks/quests to complete and a Warzone area to practice PvP. The server is reset every 3 months, with players given the chance to move onto the Main Server if they have completed all tasks/quests and have been there for at least 1 month.

    Players/Alliances from the Main Server may find it useful to keep an account on Rookie Servers to create feeder alliances and help meet and train potential recruits for later Seasons.


    The Rookie Server will be contain a 1000×3000 map, split into 3 1000×1000 sections: 1 Warzone (1 Stronghold at the centre, 9 NCs), with 1 Homeland for each faction. Each section is the same size as 1 Warzone sector on the Main Server. Rookie players will be able to complete quests and farm in their Homeland, before they are then able to play around in the Warzone area and get to grips with Conquer King’s PvP. As this is expected to be a relatively lenient user experience for newer players, PvP will be disabled in Homelands and there will be a maximum homeland fort limit of 25. No such restrictions will exist in the Warzone section.


    The number of troops on this server will be massively scaled down, with mob sizes about 1000 times smaller than on the Main Server.

    Monster mobs up to Innumerable (2100-4200, receive 420 to 840 per successful farming conquer):
    – Goblins
    – Prawns
    – Orcs
    – Witches
    – Gargoyles
    – Black Widows
    – Firebeasts
    – Gorgons
    – Lizards

    Monster mobs up to ____ pack? throng? what were the smaller mobs called? (5-10, receive 1 to 2 per successful farming conquer):
    – Fallen
    – Demon
    – Butcher
    – Troll
    – Cyclops
    – Reaper
    – Vampire

    For balancing purposes, they will be able to receive at most 1 of each type of Faction Monster while on this server, and human cooks will be done without mana (although tutorials/tasks will thoroughly explain the details of how this will differ in the Main Server). Depending on how it pans out, FM may be disabled in PvP on this server.

    Likewise, the number of troops and walls in fortresses will be nerfed by 1000 times. Rookie Server accounts will have fast gem income, fast health and mana regeneration, fast marches and build timers. (Since Rookie accounts will have faster health regeneration and other benefits, their Attack and Defence Lord Stat will be capped at lvl50, with Speed capped at lvl10 to avoid any unfair advantages being gained when advancing to the Main Server).


    It will be a server that allows them to learn the basics, with quests that tell them effective ways to tackle each monster mob and explain the basics of farming to them. For example, one set of quests should involve upgrading buildings in their city and reward them with ranged troops to begin farming black widows, resulting in a reward of some catapults and a quest that involves farming lizards etc. The player will progress through quests from building their city, to farming, to searching, to taking fortresses. Upon completing all the basic quests, players will gain access to the Rookie Server Warzone where they can engage in PvP with other Rookies and learn some of the basics of faction warfare.

    After 3 months, a Rookie Server will reset to coincide with Seasons changing on the Main Server. Rookies will be given the chance to progress to the main game provided they have completed all quests and played for at least 1 month.

    (More on this idea in another thread:

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