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    Username: Jesterhat
    Played pocket Empires (yes/no): Yes
    Pocket Empires Username: Jesterhat
    Server Name: Freedom?
    Some other information about you: I am constantly amazed by everyone’s ability to recall so many details from their PE days. I played in 2010/2011 I believe. I remember using the KiK messaging app to keep in touch with clan mates. I wish I remembered my clan and clan leader… he was a great guy. When he stopped, I sort of fell out. I am big on active groups, sort of makes the experience for me. I remember eventually getting to the Warzone… good times.
    Fun fact: Unrelated to PE or CK, I played in the UK Ultimate Frisbee nationals when I was there going to Uni!

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    Welcome to the forums Jesterhat. 2010/2011 is just about the same time I was playing on Freedom. I wonder if we ever ran into each other there.

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    Definitely possible! I used a bunch of funny characters and named my forts all in a reggae music theme

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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