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    Member since: November 2, 2020

    Username: FelixCrystal
    Played Pocket Empires (yes/no): Yes
    Pocket Empires Username: Slider16
    Server Name: Freedom (Mostly)
    Some other information about you:
    I played P.E. for a few years and ended up getting completely hooked on it (like just about everyone else). I was severely disappointed to discover that it was going to shutdown. At the time of the shutdown notice, I have no experience building games but I had been building websites for a few years. I took a bunch of screenshots with the hope that one day I would posses the skill-set to revive the game. Fast forward to now; I have built a PC game called Echo of Amarok which was a single-player fantasy RPG as well as a mobile game called Glitch, Hacking Simulator that I have recently shutdown. I am now ready to tackle the project of bringing this amazing game back to life.

    I mentioned that I had the intention to bring the game back about 2 years ago on a Facebook group, and it kind of snowballed from there. I was not prepared for the large amount of people who became immediately excited for this project and who have joined the Discord server and have been patiently waiting. It is time to get this project in full-gear. I have built the city view using nothing but HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP witch featured a web-based version of the game – but I quickly abandoned that version for many reasons including stability, scalability, and it was just too dang slow. I later re-built a working city view using Android Studio, which is the software I built my last game in. I got it working, but was having a lot of issues with the camera movement and graphics. That software is designed for 2D games and programs, not 3D. My work around was to build 3D objects and render them with an isometric camera angle to create the graphics that I needed. It worked, but it was not the right way to go. I then started using Unity 3D but when I started that attempt, I had just started college and had too much going on.

    Now, here we are! I am working in Unity 3D again, this time with much more availability and a much much better workstation. I have already designed the entire database structure (including relations, indexing, optimization, etc), created the registration and login systems, session manager, designed the world map, created a working model of the world map with terrain textures, and much more! I do have a slight learning-curve because I am having to code the game in C# instead of Java, which is what I’m used to, but it won’t take long to adjust as I already do have some experience in C# (I have a certification from Harvard’s CS50 course which used a lot of C#).

    I look forward to meeting all of you both here and in-game. Dragons and Phoenixes united for a single cause.

    Vide te mox,

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