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    In PE it was common for players to (at least attempt to) have a server-wide truce during Christmas. It didn’t always work out as several people had no interest in stopping for 1 day or didn’t trust their enemies to do so, but it makes me wonder whether people would like to see an official Christmas Truce feature on Conquer Kings.

    If so, this is how I’d like to see it implemented:

    1) Community approval:
    On the 1st of December every year there would be a poll asking everyone if they would like to have a Christmas Truce on their server, lasting from December 24th to December 27th. If this poll fails, the idea is parked for a year. If it passes,

    2) Christmas Truce item distributed:
    On December 24th at 00:00:00 UTC, every player receives a Christmas Truce item in their Lord Items tab. Using this item will grant them invincibility until December 27th 00:00:00 UTC. With consideration to different timezones, the item would:
    – ignore any pending invincibility cooldown;
    – would result in no invincibility cooldown once expired; and
    – could be replaced at any time by a normal invincibility item, provided that additional invincibility expires after December 27th 00:00:00 UTC.

    For example: players who would find 27th December 00:00:00 UTC to be in the middle of the night or another unsuitable time to be coming off invincibility, would be able to use a normal invincibility item to extend their protection by a few hours to a more suitable time of day. Players would NOT be able to use the Christmas Truce item and then subsequently take a normal invincibility item that expires before December 27th in order to prematurely exit the truce.

    Players who choose not to use the Christmas Truce item would be able to carry on as normal, able to attack and be attacked by the players who have also decided not to participate in the Christmas Truce, using regular invincibility items as before. To make it easy to distinguish between truced and untruced players, there could be an identifier placed on the forts of truced players such as a flag with a Christmas tree on it.

    3) Christmas Truce expires:
    On December 27th 00:00:00 UTC, all Christmas Truce items would expire and unused items would be removed. Players who were on it will now have no invincibility and no cooldown, capable of using a normal invincibility item if necessary. Players who used a regular invincibility item during the truce with an expiry date beyond December 27th 00:00:00 UTC will come off of invincibility once it wears off, with regular invincibility cooldown.

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    This suggestion is for Christmas, but could potentially be expanded to cover other holidays if they are widely celebrated enough within the community. I would worry about it getting too excessive if dozens of holidays were considered, however step 1 would likely prevent this being an issue – if a significant number of players didn’t want it to cover a specific holiday then it’d fail its poll and that would be that.

    Christmas is the main focus of the suggestion since it is likely the most popular holiday among players, with most of us either going to celebrate it or being from a country where it is widely celebrated. It also has a historical precedent in real life, with an actual World War famously having a day off for Christmas, so it seems fitting to see whether it’d be welcome on a war game.

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    I personally really like the idea. When it comes time to implement this in the future, we can take a vote on integration, but I would like to include something like this within the game. Great idea!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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