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Server/WZ Resets

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    Additionally, another idea that ties into this and may be worth considering could be some sort of “revive amnesty”. This would happen during a server reset and involve scanning all players’ reports, tallying up any gems spent on revives, and returning (at least a fraction of) those gems at the start of the next season.

    If this was feasible, it could solve one of the major player retention issues in the game: players, especially new players, getting shredded to oblivion and quitting over it. With this idea, shredding would be a serious – ***but not permanent*** – setback for players that would affect them only during the season they were shredded. Both the shredder and the shredded would get back the gems they lost, but the shredder and their faction would have benefited from heavily weakening their opponent during that season.

    Shredding would remain an extremely important aspect of PvP and a key tactic in wars of gem attrition, helping weaken opponents and aid your faction’s efforts during the rest of that season.

    This idea could help to strike a balance between giving players the ability to effectively damage their opponents, whilst not causing so much damage as to hurt the game in the long run.

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